On the 16th of December 2021, legislation was passed enabling all drivers who have passed their Cat B driving test to tow a trailer without taking a further test. There are restrictions on the weight of the trailer, and a limit on how heavy the overall weight can be when loaded. More information on restrictions, etc can be found on the government website at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-rules-for-towing-a-trailer-or-caravan-with-a-car-from-autumn-2021

Even though drivers can legally tow a trailer without training or a test, most professionals in the driving community feel that some specific lessons to safely master this skill would be sensible.

David has been teaching pupils to drive for many years and also has vast experience in towing trailers, particularly trailers used to transport horses. 

Trailer Towing Tuition, Wantage, Stanford in the Vale, Faringdon, Lambourn, Didcot, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

For those looking for tuition on towing a trailer or wishing to develop their towing skills further before going solo and wanting to learn in a calm teaching environment, David offers a short trailer towing programme that is a sensible and welcome option that generally covers the following areas:

  • Connecting (hitching) the trailer to the vehicle
  • Manoeuvres such as reversing and parking, which are often the trickiest skills to develop
  • Driving on country lanes and narrow tracks
  • Driving on higher speed roads such as dual carriageways
  • Driving in towns, negotiating roundabouts etc

David is very happy to tailor the programme to the individual and to work with drivers who already tow but would like tuition in specific areas to increase their confidence. Transporting livestock can be particularly stressful at times and requires a calm driver who has had the opportunity to develop skills and experience in a learning environment.


If you live in Wantage, Grove, Childrey or the surrounding area and are interested in taking driving lessons with a calm, patient and friendly driving instructor then get in touch.

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